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How to search for an item to remove from location

This article shows you how to remove an item from your inventory. This feature can be used after a stored item has been sold and you would like to pull it from your inventory. It can also be useful when conducting an audit of your inventory to update items you might have sold out of.

Scroll to the bottom for a full video tutorial!

  1. Open your binin app on your mobile device or desktop, Login.
  2. Press Items to search, if using the desktop version you should already see the search bar after you log in.
  3. You can search for your item by either using the Barcode or Reference # that you assigned to your item, or by typing in descriptive words that you could have used to Name your item.
  4. Once you find your item, press to open the Item Details.
  5. Scroll down to the items location, and press the location listed to view the Location Quantity Details. This page will show you exactly how many of that said item is located in this place. There is also a history of your recent transactions at the bottom for reference.
  6. Press Add or Subtract which will allow you to choose using the drop down box,
  7. Enter the Quantity you would like to remove
  8. Enter a note to help you keep track of the transaction. (optional) TIP: You can use the Notes section to put things like “Sold, Sold to Susan, Damaged, Lost, Etc.” binin was designed in way to help you customize every aspect of your business to make your day-to-day, easy and fun!
  9. Be sure to save by hitting Submit.

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